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woman red dress with mask

Woman in red dress with mask 2012

Cees Heuvel (b.1954) spent his childhood in Indonesia and Central Africa. He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Afterwards he moved to Amsterdam, where he worked for years in a downtown studio-gallery in an area called the Western Islands, famous for its maritime history. Nowadays this part of town has been transformed into a neighbourhood of expensive condominiums with penthouses and a yacht basin.

Woman, looking down. 2012

Cees Heuvel is fascinated by light and color. After experiments with acrylic, oil and gouache, he deliberately chose to work with pastel as the medium which, in his view, best reflects the intensity, hue and nuance of light and its shades. Typical of his work is the almost "becalmed" atmosphere amid today's pandemonium.
The lighting, ambiance and luminous colors lends the pastels a completely unique character. From the primal shapes of African huts to modern skyscrapers in the metropolis of the future.
With their rarefied beauty, the images evoke tranquillity and distance, and sometimes serve to shift the emphasis from architecture to the human condition itself. The human being as subject and spectator, powerful and vulnerable, in a world of contrasts and change.


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